Faith Baptist Church

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Good Evening Faith Baptist Family,
As many of you are aware by now, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has continued to spread throughout Washington. As your elders the glory of God and the welfare of all of you are our most important priorities. We know that this news generates a variety of questions and concerns regarding the next steps for our church. As we think about the welfare of our church and the vulnerabilities of the members of our church, we want to remind you of a few things:
If you are feeling ill, please stay home. Saints, we don’t want you to get sick. Because of this, you can check our website – and the Sunday sermons will be posted for you to listen to.
Pray that God would use this virus for His glory. While God never causes evil (James 1:13), (1 John 1:5), (1 Cor 14:33), we have seen Him use these situations to cause people to face their own mortality and look toward God. Pray that God would use this to bring unbelievers humility in their fear and cause them to look toward God as He can work all things to His glory (Rom. 8:28).
To answer your most common questions about the disease. See: The FAQs: Coronavirus Explained by an Infectious Disease Expert and Pastor”
To give you spiritual and historical perspective on this global pandemic. See: “Should Christians Be Anxious About the Coronavirus?”

In the meantime we have an opportunity to follow in the way of our Lord Jesus and in the example of the church throughout the ages. This is our time to care for our neighbors and share the love of Jesus Christ, which delivers us from sin and death. We remain confident in faith and prayerful as our city, nation and world faces this new challenge.

The Elders of Faith Baptist Church